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Sorry, I didn't post my progress on my WIP last weekend.  I did take a photo, just haven't got around to resizing it etc. yet.  It's been one of those weeks.  And now, this weekend is SAT weekend.  So I'm working on the Happy Cat Trio now.  This is where I'm at with this one at the moment:

This is one of those lovely relaxing stitches, all whole stitches and although I'm working it over one on 28ct gold lurex Jobelan, it's still really nice to do.  It doesn't really take too much concentration which is good for me right now as I seem to have put mine down somewhere and forgotten where that was!  Oh well...

Here's the progress I made on the WIP last weekend:

This has progressed a bit further than this since I took the photo.  I've swapped my night-time project and this WIP so now this one gets worked on almost every (early) night and the Hugs one will now get worked on during WIP/UFO weekends because it's for me and this one isn't!  With a little bit of luck, it might turn out to be a Christmas gift for someone lovely - if I can get it finished on time.

Right, that's it from me for now, see you after the weekend.  Have a good one, whatever you're doing!

Ok, this is the first of my weekends chosen to get some of the old stitching out and worked on.  I won't say finished because most of the projects are far from the finishing line!  So for this weekend, I've chosen to rake out Colourful Calico Cat - a design created by Carol Thornton for The World of Cross Stitch magazine, issue 92 (December 2004).  Progress so far (bearing in mind that this is another one of those that's been hanging around for at least 2 years, and yes, the hoop's been on this one all that time too!  Bad habit of mine, apparently...)

There are a lot of bit stitches and some metallic on this design and because there's a lot of red (since it's a Christmas design) I'm stitching each square round the edge as I go and working all the lighter colours of each square first.  Stitch count is 112h x 140w and I'm working on 28ct Jobelan over 2 (for a change) though I can't remember the exact fabric colour.  It's a sort of greeny-grey and creased from being shoved in a bag for two years or more!

I'm hoping to devote most of the weekend's stitching time to this project so I'll post progress probably on Monday sometime.  Don't hold me to that though, my head is like a sieve sometimes and I may not remember!

Whatever you're doing this weekend, folks, have a good one!

A couple of small finishes and a WIP.

The first one is from one of the English magazines, can't remember which one now, but I had intended to stitch it for a neighbour's birthday.  It just never got finished.  The second design I completed last night - or rather about 1.15am today.  Sometimes I like to stitch something small, at least I get things finished then.  The third design is one that I started something like about two years ago now.  It was my night-time project and when I stopped going to bed early, it just didn't get touched - until about 1.20am today LOL!  I did a little bit of the bottom of the G.  And yes, slap my wrists, the hoop has been in that position for two years!

I've decided that since every third complete weekend is SAT weekend, then every second complete weekend should be WIP/UFO weekend.  At least there's some hope that all these big projects I've got laying around will actually get finished sometime in the next decade or so... assuming that I don't find any other big projects that really need my undivided attention for a few days!  I can't imagine being one of those people who will always finish one project before starting another.  I'm too easily distracted by the pretties!

Well, I did get a good start on the advent calendar number 15 but had a massive frog attack so I put it to one side and haven't touched it since Saturday!

I have been doing a little bit of stitching today, working on the commissioned items.  It's a good job I like the design we chose, since I've got to stitch nearly four more pieces!  I'm not well known for repeat stitching (only after a frog attack lol).  I had sorted out several other designs to stitch for someone.  That someone has now turned out to be not worth me wasting my stitching time on so I'm sure I'll find some other recipient.  Depends who my son decides to take a liking to next! :S

I have so many projects on the go.  Yesterday I decided to go through my WIPs bucket and raked out two more designs that need finishing.  Plus, I found a couple more when I cleared out my large fabric box.  Got enough to keep me going for a good few (hundred) years yet! lol

Right now, it's off to bed with me and stitching on my night-time projects!  Yep, they're everywhere!
Well, I did manage to get a bit of stitching done this weekend so far.  And it's another EMS Advent Calendar finish.  I've finally got number 14 finished.  I was doing so well keeping up with the numbers each month - that is, until she decided to start releasing the bigger numbers at the rate of 3 per month!  Now I'm falling behind because of commissioned designs and other stuff.  Anyway, here's a pic of number 14:

I hope that works okay, I'm not used to putting photos in these posts really.  I have done a few previously as you can see, but that was a long time ago and my memory's not what it used to be LOL!

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Good Heavens, (she says politely) it really can't be 134 weeks since I last posted here can it?  Apparently, yes!

Oh well, I've made a bit of a decision now.  If I can fathom this blog out, I'll start using it for my stitching photos and put all the boring life stuff on my other blog.  I might add stitchy pics there as well for my regular readers, until I get a couple here anyway! lol

I'm not going to try and post anything just yet though, got to try and work out what, where, when, how and why first!  With a bit of luck, I'm a little more computer savvy than I was last time I posted so it should be simple.  Unfortunately, so am I sometimes! lol

Oh well, just one more link and login to try and remember!  Hope you're all doing fine!


Taken too long to come here and post once again.  I can only apologise for my tardy behaviour.  I am still having computer problems, and I still can't afford a new one, so I'm having to do what I need to do each day and then give the poor thing a rest.  I suppose 7 years old is ancient in the computer world!

I've been doing a lot of stitching, not surprisingly on biscornus!  I have a lot of photos, but they're all on my other two blogs and it takes so long to upload anything that it's not really viable at the moment.  One day I'll get the money for that new computer and then there'll be no stopping me!

I've been keeping myself really busy with stitching and am completely booked up with exchanges and RRs until at least April at the moment.  There seems to be a bit of a baby boom just now and I've got several pieces to stitch for friends.  I seem to be drowning in biscornus at the moment, both sent and received so it'll be nice to do something different for a while.
This is a test post from Photobucket.com
Was thrown down to me yesterday by my good friend Outi - yes, again!  She keeps getting me into trouble with stitching, and worst of all, this was one of my own designs which I posted to my Yahoo! Group just yesterday!

Stitched on cream 28ct Monaco over 1 fabric thread.  The green hearts are stitched with DMC Colour Variations 4030, red hearts are DMC 666, brown hearts are Madeira 2008 and the shiny bits are Kreinik Blending Filament 001HL, with the fibres removed so that it was just the shiny bit I used.  The Festive Tree of Love stands just 2 5/8" (6.7 cm) tall.

I'm quite pleased with the results and have no idea whatsoever what I am going to do with it now.  Probably turn it into a tree ornament or a card.  I just had to stitch it up since I was goaded into it! :D